Since 1996. We dedicated ourselves into the mastering
the taste of the Fried Chicken.

Having opened 17 fast food locations in the heart of Europe among the years of 1996 and 2011, Founders of our company have moved their experience and operations to Turkey where they have developed their own solutions for Fried Chicken Cooking Equipment and relevant food products such as sauces, breading mixes, and dips.


More than the classic burger taste.
Modern restaurant.

Looking for a better taste? We got you covered.


Chicken or Vegetarian? With cheese or rings?
Select your style


Get ready to experience the CHITIR quality in
a Cafe concept.

With the help of The CheeseCake Factory, Chitir Cafe is at your service. Beware of counterfeits!

Chitir Chicken added the Cafe concept to its respiratory, while also expanding the branches to Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Istanbul. All of our branches are ready to serve the most delicious fried chicken. Our Cafe concept has started now in the Westland Shopping Center.